The personality trait that's ruining your love life, according to eHarmony's CEO

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Fix this, and you'll open your doors to many more potential partners

If you feel as though you're constantly unlucky in love, or are struggling in your relationship, and can't seem to figure out what you're doing wrong, we may have discovered the one big answer. 

We chatted to Grant Langston, CEO of eHarmony, and he revealed, the key to a long-lasting relationship is adaptability. If both people are willing to adapt in order to suit each other needs, there's a lot stronger of chance of it working out. 

“If you are a person who has low levels of adaptability – you are a rigid person and it's your way or the highway – you just won’t match with many people. Essentially, if you have low adaptability, the only person you can be matched with is someone who is very high in adaptability.”

He continued, saying, if you are high in adaptability, you can be matched with virtually anyone because you have a very high range of acceptance.

If you're someone with low adaptability, don’t panic. Grant says it's still possible for you to have a great relationship with someone who has a high adaptability. It just may be more difficult for you to find that person. 

“If you were going to think about something to change in your own life, to work on, being more flexible and willing to just roll with the punches of life, is the number one thing that should work with a lot of people.”

So, there you have it. Making yourself more accepting and adaptable to different people and situations could change your entire love life. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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