The Latest Rainbow Nail Trend Is A DIY Dream That You HAVE To Try

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Mooooove over cow print!

Scrolling through Instagram, we are always coming across beautiful manicures that give us a serious case of FOMO.

You know the ones. Photos of nails with intricate line designs clutching a bottle of nail polish. Crazy claws with glued-on jewels and chains. The photos that make you ask “but who really painted those for you?”

Thankfully nude nail colours became a thing, because honestly that’s the only shade we know we can still pull off five days into a manicure. 

But we’re not going to lie… nude can be a bit boring sometimes.

Sometimes you just want to have a bit of fun, without getting too out of control. 

Luckily for us, a new trend is emerging… rainbow nails.

Oh yeah, we’re not joking… 

Even Kendell Jenner is onboard, showing of this multicoloured look on her Instagram story this week. And thank goodness it’s easier to pull off than those cow print nails she wore recently.

No more trying to decide between the purple that is a little too pink, or the shade of red that your mother would seriously question you about (you know the one).

We say dust off the naiil file, bust out those ROYGBIV shades and treat yourself to every colour of the rainbow.

Images: Instagram

Written By Elise Ferrari