KFC's New Secret Menu Snack Pack Will Make You Drool... A Lot

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Bibs (plural) recommended. 

Yesterday we brought you news we never thought we'd say: Colonel Sanders is hot now.

We know, we know. It's a weird sentence to write as much as it is for you to read.

But aside from sharing the above traumatic-yet-titillating gif, we have some other news...

There's a whole other menu available by KFC and it includes a new meal: The Kentucky Snack Pack.

The meal includes fries, popcorn chicken and a "fiery" sauce for just $6.95.

The 'secret hidden menu' is available via the KFC app using the following steps (which yes, we have verified ourselves):

1. Download the KFC App

2. Select a store

3. Navigate to the Order screen with the food categories

4. Scroll down until the Colonel appears

5. Hold for 11 seconds until the Secret Menu pops up

6. Bask in the ephemeral joy from your childhood days

Also, mild spoiler alert, it's not the Instagram Influencer Colonel.


Image: Getty

Written By Ally Parker