Here's Lots Of BTS Snaps From Our Doggo Fashion Show To Brighten Your Day

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So. Much. Squiggle.

They say never work with children or animals.

Well, knowing we would brighten your day, the Nova team bit the bullet and did, in fact, work with both. 

That is, we worked with dogs for our International Happiness Day video, and at least one of them classifies as a (v. hairy) child. 

Meet Elliott, Maddie and baby Morris. 

We know, we know - it was a tough day at the office. 

We had to wrangle a tiny puppy into outfits (some of which he wouldn’t have a bar of). 

Clothing: Bond and Co via Petbarn. 

Like this teddy costume, or this cute lil’ pink beanie. 

Clothing: Anko via Kmart

But Morris definitely stole the show as the cutest little squiggle bum on set.

Look at that squiggle bum:

Clothing: Bond and Co from Petbarn

Even our sound guy wasn’t too cranky that he used the mic as a chew toy. 

Clothing: Bond and Co via Petbarn

We were more successful with Maddie who was a veeeeery good girl. She sat on command and everything!

Clothing: DGG via PETstock

Doesn’t she look gooorgeous in her red flannel and designer ‘Pucci’ coat? 

Clothing: DGG via PETstock

In less-than-designer gear was the less-than-amused Elliott who, at 14 years old, was not interested in the slightest. 

He didn’t even realise he was the noble steed for this knight. 

Clothing: Anko via Kmart

He also gave absolutely zero f*cks about screwing up the shots for the other doggos. 

Maybe because he thought he was camouflaged? 

We dunno. 

Clothing: Elliott - DGG from PETstock / Morris - DGG via PETstock

At least he seemed relatively comfortable in this on-trend denim number.

Clothing: Bond and Co via Petbarn

And Maddie got to take a break from being an uber-serious fashun model in fancy dress:

Clothing: Anko via Kmart

Anyhoo, even though it was a long shoot and we were all cuddled-out by the end of it, we hope it was worth it to put a smile on your dials. 

Happy International Happiness Day!

Written By Brynn Davies