Gouda News! Science Says Cheese Makes You Happier

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Image: Aldi

Yay science!

This is nacho ordinary article. 

For the love of gouda, keep reading. 

Yep, brie called it (or rather, some science folks have) - cheese boards really do make you happier.

It’s about fonDUE time. 

(Are these puns too cheesy? Too bad, we think we’re being Krafty. We’re breaking the mould. We’re on a roll… okay that’s all we got.)

So scientists have been doing super serious science experiments to determine something very important: does cheese increase happiness?

Well… Duh! 

The Agriculture And Horticulture Development Board has determined through a study of 30 people (shut up, that’s credible) that adding dairy to your meals makes them more pleasurable. 

That’s good news for people for whom cheese boards = a balanced meal. 

It’s also a big thumbs up to our OTHER favourite dairy products, butter and cream. 

We’re going crackers over this news. It’s so grate! We’re melting. 

The 30 participants wore electroencephalogram headbands (ie. those freaky headbands with wires all over them) to measure the electrical patterns in their brains.

A trusty psychologist was also there to monitor their body language and vocal reactions.

They were presented with meals including potatoes (with and without butter), garlic bread (with and without cheese), apple crumble (with and without cream), and granola and fruit (with and without yoghurt).

Unsurprisingly, 82 per cent of participants across the four groups trialled preferred the dairy over the non-dairy option because it made the food more ‘more-ish’, improved the flavour and added to the texture. 

Three-quarters of the participants found their pleasure levels increased an average of 25 per cent when they ate the dairy-covered options. 

We’ll take it. After all, it’s an excuse to eat an entire wheel of camembert for dinner. 

Written By Brynn Davies