Fitness vlogger shares secret to transforming her entire body

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And she still eats dessert.

Twenty-five-year-old Aussie Sarah Stevenson (also known as Sarah's Day) is fun, free-wheeling and dedicated to living her healthiest, best life. She has half a million YouTube followers, another 300K on Instagram and just launched her own fitness program, 'Sweat It To Shred It'.

Case in point: she's doing SUPER WELL for herself.

You might think she's just another gal who has it all, but those who've been following her (see: stalking) for a while know she's transformed her whole life to rid herself from the cellulite, hormonal acne (she has PCOS) and debilitating stomach pains.

Sarah shared her lifestyle regime with Husskie and we don't know about you, but we're taking notes.


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"I use to suffer from really severe hormonal acne and I just wasn’t really healthy," she told Husskie.

"I always had tummy pains, I suffered from pretty bad cellulite all over my body, I was carrying excess weight, I had no energy… I was just not feeling 100 per cent. So I decided to try this wholefood thing. I really got into the research and started to dabbling into health foods – and I completely transformed my life."

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When asked about her day on a plate, she admits it "always changes" but there are something she tries to keep consistent:

"Every morning I try and wake up and have a warm lemon water," she explains.

"Then I’ll go for a morning walk and grab a coffee – I have a long black with a dash of almond milk. For breakfast, I always have two poached eggs on paleo bread – and I have avocado and sautéed kale in garlic. I’m obsessed with that combo right now! Then for my morning snack, I love banana and walnuts – which are really good for the brain – and that’s usually my little pre-workout meal. Then I go and train and come home for lunch."

"Lunch is always a nourish bowl. In my fridge I usually have prepped cubes of sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot – so I’ll put a bunch of that in there. Sometimes I’ll put a little bit of quinoa if I don’t have enough sweet potato – but I usually just try to stick to vegetables as my carbohydrates. I load up on kale, baby spinach, rocket, and coriander. I also use this coconut amino teriyaki sauce and then mix up my source of protein – I usually have salmon or chicken or eggs. Then I put some healthy oils on top – whether that be flaxseed oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds or black sesame seeds."

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"Every single night I have dessert – I have to! I usually have a smoothie bowl or a cocoa salted caramel smoothie. I also try and drink 3 litres of water a day. I’m all about really filling up – so I always make sure I eat until I’m full. Plus I make sure every plate is colourful so I’m getting a diverse amount of micronutrients in each of my meals."

Aside from food, Sarah also shared her top five health rules:

"1. Be positive and think of it as the glass half full. That’s one thing my mum has taught me and one thing I’ve really adopted this year. I had a staph infection this year and I’ve had a parasite – but I’ve used it in my favour and said, “you know what – this is a great opportunity for me to research, for me to test holistic medicine on my own body.”

2. Eat real food, eat whole food, and don’t over complicate it. I say to everyone that if you’re at breakfast and you’re looking at the menu – just pick something which you know what all the ingredients are.

3. Listen to your body. Even if you think: ‘I should have eggs for breakfast because I need the healthy fats and the protein’ but you’re craving a smoothie – listen to your body and have the smoothie. There’s a reason that your body is craving that – so listen to it and appreciate the signs your body is giving you.

4. Drink loads of water. I know it’s so cliché – but honestly, it is my life goal.

5. Mix up your workouts. As soon as you start resenting your workouts or dreading the gym – change it up."

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