A Definitive List Of The Best And Worst Easter Chocolate

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Bruce Bogtrotter eating chocolate cake

Don't @ us.

It’s one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe; why does Easter chocolate taste a gazillion times better than regular chocolate?

Is it ‘cause there’s just so much of it?

Is it because there’s a long weekend associated with it?

Or is it because it’s socially acceptable to eat it for breakfast?

Either way, it’s important you do Easter right.

So, here’s our list of our favourite Easter chocolates, ranked from TRASH to ‘I’ll-take-ten’.

7. Non-branded Chocolate

Why is this even a thing!?!? Call us a choccy snob but everyone knows that chocolate with no-brand name is plain NASTY. You’ll forever be the gift given to the family member we don’t particularly like (hehe).

6. Red Tulip Bunny

NO THANK YOU. You might be the baby of Cadbury but you sure as heck don’t taste the same. Stay in ya lane.

5. Ferrero Rocher

Sure, it goes down a treat any time of year but is it really an Easter chocolate? We think not. We all know you’re regifting your uneaten Christmas chocolate, Aunt Sharon.

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Solid Mini Eggs

They’re rightfully passed around the office, or under the table like the precious commodity they are but these bad boys lose points for making it too easy to forget the meaning of self-control.

3. Malteaster Bunny

A snackable gift with a fun texture that somehow ends up in our baskets every time we reach the checkout. Every. Damn. Time. For that, it earns Spot #3.


2. Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny

A close second is this absolute classic choccie. We’re not sure if it’s the rich chocolate goodness or the shiny packaging that gets us, but we’re diggin it.

We also feel kinda evil biting off its cute lil’ head. But like, in a good way?

1. Cadbury Milk Bunny

It’s the Holy Grail of Easter chocolate. Sweet and delicious and the perfectly unreasonable single serving size. PSA to all parents out there – if there’s no Cadbury bunny waiting on Easter morning, you’re fired.

Written By Chloe Arentz