A Beanbag/Onesie Hybrid Is Here To Ensure You Reach Your Final Form

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To be honest, we weren't quite sure how to spin this story.

Is it a meeting of the minds?

Someone with too much time on their hands?

Teletubby chic?

Thicc Gumpy?

Then we realised.

It's pure genius. Simple, pure… genius.

So without further ado, please bask in the glory that is the Bean Bag Onesie:

Wait no, that doesn't quite capture it...

Ah yes. Here. This is better:

The Bean Bag Onesie is available exclusively from ThinkGeek for $89.99 - a damn steal if you ask us.

Available in green only (for now) the fleece-laden glory is available in everything from size S to 3XL.

It's plump, luscious, good for a sit, and far cheaper than Kardashian-esque booty injections.

And it comes with the greatest promo video we've ever seen:

Now the only question that remains, are you ready to embrace your final form and coincidentally, never have sex ever again?

And also, why can't we stop thinking about thicc Gumpy?

Image: ThinkGeek

Written By Ally Parker