WWE star Dolph Ziggler “so close” to being champion

He loses more than 60% of the time but fast rising WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler believes it’s just a matter of “timing” until he’s champion.

Ziggler told big WWE fan and Nova drive news reader Matt De Groot that he set a goal to be champion two years ago and it hasn’t happened, largely because he can take the most bumps and looks so good losing.

“It’s a little bit of a curse that I’m so good at my job. I don’t know anyone else’s job where it’s ‘hey you’re so good that we’re not going to promote you’ so it is a little disheartening,” Ziggler admitted.

“I don’t know anyone else who can do what I can do and still have the (belief) of becoming champion and lose 60% of the time or more.

“I’ve been scratching and clawing for years and every time it’s one inch higher and now it’s so close to becoming my time and to say I haven’t earned it would just be ridiculous.”

Ziggler said the return of The Rock to the WWE after a 10-year absence to focus on his Hollywood career had brought more eyes to the WWE but there were times where he had been frustrated that The Rock will be handed the best and longest TV spots.

Ziggler also says he’s frustrated by the current generation’s constant comparison to the Attitude Era of the 90’s, saying people will one day look back at current day superstars with the same fondness.

Visiting Australia ahead of the RAW World Tour down under in July, speaking candidly - Dolph doesn’t believe the WWE is being hurt expanding RAW to 3 hours a week, saying it will help in the long-run given a vast and talented roster. And says the actual look of the WWE Championship belt is a distant second to what it represents.

You can listen to the full 14min interview with Nova’s Matt de Groot above.

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