Woolworths RAPS reply to customer complaining of mouldy hommus

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Woolworths in the house, yo...

A Sydney man named Ben Hunter found a lump of mould at the centre of his SS Foods Hommus purchased at Woolworths this week, and decided to have some fun with it. Last night, he posted on the food retailer’s Facebook page a play-by-play of the moments leading up to the *nasty discovery*.

“Dear Woolworths Mosman,

In the words of the modern day poet Ice Cube, 'Today was a good day', until a familiar craving for SS. Foods Hommus from my usual and reliable local Woolworths was bestowed upon me.

I hopped in my car and made my way to "Woolies", salivating at the thought of wrapping my mouth around a long carrot oozing with your culinary delight that is known as your delicious Hommus. I took that bad boy home ready to indulge my inner tastebuds and invite every sensation to my mouth party.

I was shocked, disappointed and disgusted at the sight of a clump of mould atop the Hommus. I am at a loss as to what I am supposed to do. Do I eat around it? Do I accept this as satisfactory? Do I walk into Woolworths now, with the expectation that there is a very high chance that if I buy dip it will be 'tough titties' for me if I run into the dip mould pandemic in my once secure home? Please, advise me on what is to be done in such dire circumstances.



That put a smile on your face? Make you a chuckle *awkwardly* looking around to check that no one noticed? Wait for this - Woolies responded and what they wrote will make you LOL. 




Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar



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