Why Seal wears nail polish

It's become his trademark on The Voice but what is the real reason behind Seal's nail polish?

Nova's Fitzy and Wippa got to sit down with Seal at Fox Studios just before Monday night's live episode of The Voice.

He told them how passionate he was about the teaching element of his role on the show, why he chose to save Alex Gibson over Harrison Craig and the truth behind his nail polish.

"The only time I get a lot of quality time with (my daughter) was when she sat down and had a manicure, she's just turned nine," he said.

"So I started having a "mani-petti" to hang out with her and she started painting them and I think I've got really ugly feet so I started painting my feet and I actually quite liked it.

"Apparently that's how it starts."

Listen to the full interview with Fitzy and Wippa by pressing the play button above.

Photo: Getty Images

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