Start prepping the 'gram 'cause Sydney has scored a pop-up dessert playground

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Cue: Aaron's Carter's 'I Want Candy'.

Australia’s sweetest dessert museum, Sugar Republic, is finally making its way to Sydney.

For those not on the up-and-up, Sugar Republic is a sweet (no, literally), immersive pop up that dominates Instagram feeds wherever it goes. 

Australia’s must-see interactive exhibition will thrill dessert lovers and snap-happy Instagrammers alike with cool bits and bobs like a big kid ball pit, a gigantic gum ball machine and fairy floss room.

Super DUPER keen? Start planning your 'grams as exhibitions come under two umbrellas:

1. Childhood mems

Including a huge bubblegum pink ball pit, fairy floss room, giant birthday cake, life size gum ball machine and more.

2. Instagrammable AF

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Garden celebrating, giant jelly and ice creams, candy-filled swing, life-size fairy bread, giant cookie house, confetti shower.

There’ll also be a fun retro candy store and gift shop so you can let that sugar rush take you into next week, nay, year. 

Tickets are available now! Visit Sugar Republic for more.

When: 10 February to 20 May 2019 (with tix for April and May on sale in Feb)

Where: Sugar Republic Sydney – Myer, 6th Floor, 436 George St, Sydney

Cost: $30 - $39. Visit Sugar Republic.

Image: Instagram / Sugar Republic


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Written By Izabella Cuyuca

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