Wippa races a horse for The Golden Wippa

It's the Golden Wippa race!

Wippa - painted entirely in gold - takes on a horse down the straight at Rosehill for the first (and hopefully last) running of the Golden Wippa race on 27 March 2013.

Jockey Blake Ryan was on board Black Ice, who was a four time winner during its racing career, so to make it a little more even, Wippa had to run 200m, while the horse did 400m.

Still not satisfied that Wippa could match it with Black Ice, Fitzy added some motivation for his on-air partner... he made a helmet with a Mars Bar dangling in front of Wippa's face so he would run faster to get to the Mars Bar!

The Golden Slipper happens on 6 April and one person who predicted the winner between Wippa and Black Ice will win a day out at Rosehill with $5,000 in their back pocket!

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