This Bachelor favourite is so ‘boring’ that producers can’t even

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She’s a hot favourite to win Matty J’s final rose. But this Bachelor favourite is reportedly so ‘boring’ on camera, the producers had to intervene.

Tennis whiz Lisa Carlton’s model good looks and down-to-earth vibe gives Matty J major love-heart eyes every episode.

But when it became apparent she was one of the frontrunners to win his heart, the show’s producers reportedly struggled to make her an interesting ‘character’ for viewers at home.

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A Bachie source told NW:

“They sat her down and told her to speak up and have fun when the cameras are around.”

“Beauty isn't enough to win Matty's heart - producers really believed she could go all the way if she just opened up a bit more.”

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Resident Bachie villain Leah Costa was blunt when it came to her feelings about the statuesque blonde.

She told NW: 

“She's the most boring human I've ever met, and we had to be together for so many weeks and I didn't get more than five words out of her.”

Naww… we think Lisa seems lovely! And so does Matty, which is the main thing, eh?

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