These are the country's most unforgettable al fresco dining experiences

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Here are the best places in Australia to eat outdoors.

There's nothing better than enjoying a meal surrounded by Mother Nature's sights and sounds. And Australia has no shortage of picturesque outdoor dining experiences. From dining on red sand with Ayers Rock looming in the background to a gourmet feast with an all-white dress code in Sydney, these are the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you need to add to your bucket list. 

Sounds of Silence


Anyone who has dined under the stars in Uluru will say the experience is a must-do. The night, which does come with a steep price tag (totally worth it though), will begin with canapes and chilled sparkling wine on a viewing platform overlooking the Uluru-Kate Tjuta National Park. Or, if you’re keen for an adventure, the evening can even start earlier with a camel ride to the dinner site.

Ingredients such as crocodile, kangaroo, barrumundi and quandong will be incorporated into the buffet meal’s menu, with every course washed down quality Australian wine and beer. Entertainment comes in the form of live digideroo music and a resident star talk decoding the southern night sky. Here’s where to book

Saffire Freycinet's Marine Farm 


A visit to Tasmania should definitely include a trip to Saffire Freycinet Marine Farm. There you can don a pair of waders (not the best outfit, but who's looking?) and traipse out to a working oyster farm to devour prized Pacific oysters. Can it get any fresher than that?

Diner En Blanc


Of this list, Diner En Blanc is probably the most exclusive, but one of the most visually stunning. Like the name suggests, the event is a dinner which adopts an all-white theme. Thousands of diners gather at long tables placed in a public space for a mass ‘chic picnic’. Launched over 27 years ago in Paris, Sydney’s Diner En Blanc always takes place in November and has become a major event on the city's social calendar.

In the past, it's been held at the Opera House’s forecourt, and on Bondi Beach. The shtick however is that the venue is only texted to guests on the day of. Register your interest for this November’s dinner here.

A Moveable Feast


This one’s the newest kid on the ‘unforgettable dining experiences’ block. The first A Moveable Feast was at Sydney's Bondi Beach and featured a pastel-coloured dress code. With the extravaganza headed by the event director of Diner En Blanc and gourmet meals provided by Chef Lauren Murdoch of Rockpool, Felix, and Ash St Cellar, the night was one to remember. 

There were harps, a 5-piece band including a strings sections, and the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore. The night finished with barefooted guests dancing the night away in the sand. Next up for the series are an indoor, winter party, and a Halloween dinner party set-up in the woods of Centennial Park.

Flames of the Forest


There’s no denying Port Douglas is stunning at every time of day, but there’s something to be said about experiencing the rainforest at night. Flames of the Forest offers you two nighttime dining experiences – aboriginal culture or rainforest dining.

The former includes a lesson on the cultural background of the area, story telling, and didgeridoo playing – all entertainment during a seven-dish banquet. While the latter offers six courses, a solo acoustic guitarist, and a flaming arrival into the candle-lit forest. You can book either option here.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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