There is an enchanted cave in Australia that's available to rent

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How have we lived our whole lives without knowing about this enchanted cave?

Sometimes there’s average hotel room-style AirBNB places for rent, and sometimes there’s hobbit-themed ones. We just came across the latter in a recent episode of Married At First Sight, and we felt the need to share our discovery with all of Australia. Immediately.

Because not only does the place have round wooden doors - yes, really:


But it's also built into a clifftop. Yep, the accommodation is up high in the trees and situated on a natural rock platform in a national park in NSW's Blue Mountains area. Talk about total isolation.


The place, which is meant for a couple, even has a funky bathroom with a bathtub built into the floor. As you do, really.


But the best part about the place by far is the nighttime view, made even more stunning by the soft lighting provided by a fireplace. Can you say dreamy?


SOMEBODY TAKE US TO BILPIN, NSW PLZ. Oh, and the rental link is here.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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