This natural rockpool will be perfect for your Instagram feed

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The Figure Eight Pools in Royal National Park are definitely worth a visit.

If you're up for a picturesque coastal trek finishing at a stunning rockpool (who wouldn't be?), we've got just the spot for you. It's called Figure Eight Pools and located in one of Australia's most Insta-worthy areas, Royal National Park, an hour away from Sydney. Recognise the park's name? That's because it's also home to Wedding Cake Rock. 

It's a challenging walk with slippery rocks and steep areas, but 100% worth it for the reward at the end - a cluster of natural rockpools - some in the perfect figure eight - unlike anything you've probably seen before.


And the nighttime view is even more stunning.


The nearest car park is at Garawarra Farm, off Garie Road, but if you're keen for more of a bushwalk, park at Otford Lookout. 

Word of warning, however, the area should only be accessed at low tide so check the tides online beforehand. Earlier this year hundreds were hanging out at the pools when a freak wave hit causing three people to be airlifted to hospital by helicopter.


Watch below.

Cover photo | Spin Dizzy Fall

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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