This hidden beach in Mexico has just topped our bucket list

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Welcome to "the beach of love"

The latest destination to take over the boards of Pinterest is a tiny hidden location in Mexico. 

Tucked away in the Marieta Islands (near to Puerto Vallarta) you’ll find the next spot to add to your travel list: Playa del Amor.

Translated, this literally means "the beach of love", and well, when you see it you can understand why. 

This is what it looks like:

Surrounded by land, there is a reason crowds don’t flock to this romantic escape (just yet, anyway) get there you need to swim through a short underwater passage – very “Lost City of Atlantis”, right? 

Once there, however, you can explore the surrounding coral reefs or simply relax in the sunshine, dipping a toe into the warm waters when you please.

Sounds like paradise, no?

Learn more about the Marieta Islands here

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo