Taylor Swift has hidden a bunch of Easter Eggs in her new video for 'Delicate'

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Taylor Swift has just released her new video for 'Delicate' and in #classictaylorswift form there's loads of hidden messages and Easter eggs throughout!

In the new video for the latest track off her Reputation album, Taylor Swift gets her interpretive dance on and moves like nobody's watching after discovering she has become invisible.

As she frollocks around unnoticed through a hotel, to a train and outside in the rain there are whole lot of messages sprinkled through that only the biggest of Taylor fans will pick up. Leave it to swifties to dissect the video and find them all...

This one's probably the most visible one in the entire clip, but 'Delicate' is the fifth track off Reputation, and in the video you can see 'Track 5' behind Taylor as she dances in a train station.


Also written as graffiti are the phrases "It's delicate", "Reputation" and "Echoes of your footsteps" - a line from the song.



Also in there is a reference to Taylor's current bae, Joe Alwyn, with a sign saying 'Joe's Deli' in the background.


The snake ring from Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do video makes another appearance.


If you look REALLY closely, you'll see a very appropriately named 'Hotel Delicat'...


Swifties have noticed a car in top right corner, noticing it could possibly refer to a "Getaway Car" aka the next track off her album!


The clip ends with Taylor entering a dive bar - directly referencing the line in Delicate, saying "Dive Bar on the East Side, where you at?"


And finally, this one is huge! As Taylor dances in the rain in a fancy dress - Taylor throws back to this line in Fearless: "I don't know why but with you I'd dance, in a storm in my best dress".


Someone with a really keen eye has also noticed that the 'Fearless' Taylor is no. 5 in the row of different Taylors in Look What You Made Me Do - which goes perfectly with this track being the fifth song off Reputation!


You did good, Taylor. Watch the full video below!


Written By Liz Elias