6 unexpected Mother’s Day gift ideas your mum will seriously love

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Bet you hadn't thought of these

Shopping for a Mother’s Day gift has to be one of the hardest kinds of shopping. What do you buy the woman who probably already has everything she needs? You want to buy something affordable, yet luxurious – beautiful, yet practical. 

However, this year, it should be a bit easier for you. We've put together a list of six experience and item suggestions, which are guaranteed to put a smile on your mum's face. Scroll down to see what we've picked.

1. A semi-prepared meal delivery


Give Mum a bit of a break in the kitchen for one or a few nights with a semi-prepared meal delivery straight to your door. Our pick is Chef's Palate, which will send you ingredients for restaurant-quality meals like stir-fried veggies with tofu or seared steak with New Orleans seasoning, along with a super easy-to-follow recipe card. If you want to take it one step further, offer to make the meals yourself so you can really spoil Mum.

Price tag: $9.50 - $12.50 a meal

2. An at-home hair removal product


Okay, this gift option's a bit on the pricier side so you'll most definitely need to team up with Dad, siblings or other relatives to buy this for Mum. There are a few at-home hair removal products on the market, but our pick is the Silk'n Infinity G. The small, handheld device uses groundbreaking technology to work towards permanent hair removal on the face and body. Trust us, your mum will thank you for this one. 

Price tag: $649 (currently 25% off ahead of Mother's Day)

3. A designer makeup product


Everyone knows you can never have enough makeup. Sure, your mum probably already has every product she needs to

"do" her face, but an extra luxe item will certainly not go unappreciated. If you do want to make 1000% sure Mum will actually use what you buy, a sly peek into her makeup bag to see what she's running low on will do the trick. Otherwise, there's a strong chance, your mum will love cult product Shiseido White Lucent Spot correcting serum, a tinted, temporary and permanent "erasing" serum used to treat dark spots during the day and at night.

Price tag: $52 - $149

4. A DIY gift bag


If buying a present your mum actually uses is the most important factor in your gift-buying, a gift bag filled with small items is the way to go. Fill an unmarked Hessian bag with little presents you know Mum will enjoy – several bars of her favourite chocolate, a handbag-sized hand sanitiser, a beautiful key ring, or a framed photo of the two of you.

If you're not keen on compiling it all yourself, food delivery service foodora are giving away free Mother's Day gift bags, including things like small bottle of moscato wine, a 'detox box', and a 15% off The Iconic voucher, if you login to their platform between May 8 - 11. The catch? There is none – no food delivery purchased is required. 

Price tag: Varies or free

5. An unusual tour or experience 


Experiences also make great gifts because if you and Mum can do them together and remember it for years to come. Find something fun and out-of-the-box to do like a hot air balloon ride over the Gold Coast, day tour of Phillip Island, Victoria, or backstage tour of Sydney Opera House. To get started, have a browse of what's on offer at Viator – they have plenty of quality, handpicked tours and activities listed.

Price tag: Varies

6. An eyelash lift


This may sound like an odd one if you've neve heard of eyelash lifts, but it's actually so perfect for Mother's Day as it ticks every box – it's affordable, thoughtful, and will show your mum you truly want to pamper her. So, how does it work? It's an easy 30-minute procedure that creates longer, thicker lashes that can last up to 12 weeks.

If you're in Sydney and looking to treat Mum, we highly recommend purchasing a voucher from Feather Brow Couture, where, in addition to a relaxing procedure experience, she'll be offered champagne and brownies on arrival.

Price tag: Around $100

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar