Best crazy Japanese commercials with Hollywood actors

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The Japanese have perfected many things - electronics, animated films, making cute stuff even cuter. But the one thing they consistently nail over and over again are advertisements! The wacky, weird and downright insane ads that come out their country are brilliant and when you throw an American actor into the mix, things only get better. Here are our favourite Japanese ads featuring Hollywood actors being nuts and getting paid millions for it.

Nicolas Cage

So it turns out that internet favourite and resident acting madman, Nicolas Cage, has been making remarkably insane and nonsensical adverts for Japanese pachinko chain Sankyo for years! Why nobody has ever alerted us to these amazing ads is completely beyond us. If you have ever wanted to see Cage dance with an army of silver, ball headed pachinko men while pretending to be a hillbilly or sing a terrible freestyled song about the things he loves then you NEED to watch this immediately. Which means everyone should watch this (FYI - Pachinko is a crazy Japanese game with tiny ball bearings which is kind of the Japanese equivalent of pokie machines).


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie has been dropping in to Japan for years making ads that we doubt he even understands. Japanese energy drink brand Alanimin V recruited The Terminator years ago to be the face of their beverages for some very weird and wonderful adverts that always involve Arnie laughing like he just escaped the asylum and yelling "Poi!" at the camera (hit us with translation below). Based on the strength of the ads alone, we are never going to drink this stuff ever.


Brad Pitt

So Brad has done ads for Roots canned coffee and Edwin Jeans in the past. Though most of the Edwin Jeans comercials are pretty moody affairs, playing off Brad's charisma and sex appeal, it is this ad that has always raised eyebrows in the weird department. Why? Well because Brad was probably paid a truckload of cash for 30 seconds of his time riding his own motorbike for an ad that looks like it was filmed on an iPhone, asking Japanese people to look at his ass and then screaming at them. 


Tomy Lee Jones

This one kind of starts off normal by Japanese advertising standards. Sure Tommy Lee is playing some sort of alien sent back to the 80's to document the behaviour of Tokyo detectives. That is an odd premise, but the ad itself is kind of tame. Until a Godzilla sized twist towards the end, leaves you scratching your head all over again. There is a whole series of these, and they just get more odd the longer you watch them. We're betting this happened around the time of Men in Black.


Bruce Willis

"No, it's a great role Bruce, you're going to love it! Basically you play a Japanese Ghostbuster with poor balance, who electrocutes a badly performing football team with your elctro-blaster while doing crazy eyes. What do you mean that sounds ridiculous? It's a great role Bruce you should take it. Did I mention they want to pay you like 2 million dollars for a days work? Okay I'll book the flight."


Leonardo Dicaprio

Really Leo? A Honda Civic? Couldn't have gone just a little classier in the automobile department? Man he made some odd decisions after the success of Titanic didn't he? This ad basically has Leo ranting about how this marvel of engineering is like driving a jet and truly exploring his acting range for 15 seconds. It's a miracle Leo? Dude, it's a miracle you ever got cast again after this ad.


Lucy Liu

We never knew that diet beer was even a thing, let alone that it enables you to ride your bicycle up giant skyscrapers and terrify grown men in a spin class while you do it! Bless the Japanese for recruiting Lucy Liu to do this informative and bloody weird ad to educate us ignorant souls.


Quentin Tarantino

Talking dog? Check. Famous Hollywood director acting like a dork? Check. Weird product that you can only purchase in Japan? Check. We really need more of these ads and products in Australia.

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