Cody Simpson reveals secret relationship with Kylie Jenner

Say WHAT?! While Cody Simpson was hanging out in Smallzy's Surgery, he dropped a bombshell: He dated Kylie Jenner.

It all came about when Nova FM's Smallzy asked Cody Simpson who the most famous person in his phone was... (Other than Justin Bieber, obviously...)

"Kim Kardashian?" Cody answered modestly, looking down at his phone.

Nothing could have surprised Smallzy more... Except the following revelation:

"I dated her sister... Kylie".

And it was no fleeting relationship either.

According to Simpson, the two were together for a while, and the Simpson the solo sensation couldn't have raved more about the Kardashian family.

"They're really lovely," he told Smallzy.

So, who knew!?

Cody is currently on tour with Justin Bieber across Australia, and stopped by the studio to perform an acoustic of his fresh new hit, "La da dee".

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