Let’s have a toast for Kanye

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Decked out in a (rad) tie dyed ensemble complete with bejeweled Maison Martin Margiela head mask, Kanye took to the stage at the Wireless Festival, delivered a typical Kanye–esque rant and for some reason people are shocked.

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The 15-minute rant/preach/ramble really didn’t cover any new ground for Kanye, it was all that we’ve heard before, which usually goes something like blah blah fashion...blah blah can't keep me down...blah blah discrimination...blah blah Kim Kardashian.

Or to be more specific;

"I’m not dissing Louis Vuitton, I’m not dissing the Gucci group and shit. I’m just saying, don’t discriminate against me because I’m a black man, or because I’m a celebrity, to determine that I can’t create. Cause, you know, no black guy or celebrity's making no Louis Vuitton nothing."

"If believing in yourself is so, so, so wrong, and the other side is so, so, so, so strong in trying to beat down, and demonize and dishumanize – and I don’t know if that’s a word or not, and if it’s not a word, then I said it’s a f******* word."

Nope. It's not a word.

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To be honest, if I ever get to see Kanye live, I’ll kind of be disappointed if he doesn’t deliver one of these rants he’s so well known for. So many reports have been stating that the audience booed and hit back on Twitter, but the video below paints a different picture of his fans cheering and joining in.

Check out the video - you be the judge.

"First thing, they crush your dreams, then add a couple drops of low self esteem" Don't let them haters get you down Ye.

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Okay, WTF. This is too far.

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Could it be?!


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