Robbie Williams' full chat with Fitzy & Wippa

When Fitzy & Wippa got together with Robbie Williams, it was a laughing stock! Warning. This video is only for those 18+ as it contains adult content and a low level language warning. Definitely NSFW.

Robbie just hit the big 4-0. Do girls still flash at him when he performs live? We think he's looking good for his age, but does he still have the appeal?

What do Fitzy and Robbie have in common? They both performed the Oliver Twist classic 'Consider Yourself'. Robbie LOSES IT after Fitzy performs a jig in the middle of the interview... Awkward...

Wippa is no stranger to receiving a basic jab from Fitzy, but Robbie joins in on the gag, suggesting that Wippa competed in the "cakeput" rather than Shotput!


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