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Keep up to date with all the 2013 Federal Election news right here till the results come in!

10pm AEST/8pm WST

Kevin Rudd has conceded defeat in the 2013 Federal Election and announced he won't contest the party leadership as Opposition Leader.

Tony Abbott's Coalition has won the election and is likely to govern with a majority of at least 30 seats after a 3% swing. 

A swag of Labor's marginal seats have fallen across the country. Most of the damage for the ALP has been done in Victoria and Tasmania but there wasn't the bloodbath everyone was expecting in Queensland and Western Sydney. In WA and SA Labor suffered swings of just over 5%. Labor will likely hold 57 seats, the Coalition is set to win 90.

Adam Bandt has held onto Melbourne for the Greens, Andrew Wilkie will retain his Tassie seat of Denison and Bob Katter's been returned in Kennedy in Queensland. Clive Palmer's party has scored a fair bit of the vote too, it's likely his Palmer United Party will pick up a couple of Senate seats.

9pm AEST/7pm WST

With more than half the vote counted things aren't looking as bad as for Labor as everyone first thought. Tony Abbott's Coalition remains in the box seat though and he's expected to claim victory shortly.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Treasurer Wayne Swan are likely to narrowly hold onto their seats in Queensland. Treasurer Chris Bowen says Labor can thank Kevin Rudd for stemming big losses in the Sunshine State.

There hasn't been the huge Western Sydney wipeout most were predicting either with only Lindsay, Banks and Reid switching hands. Labor's lost Corangamite, Deakin and La Trobe in Victoria; Bass, Braddon and Lyons in Tasmania and Hindmarsh in SA. Adam Bandt will hold on to the seat of Melbourne for the Greens while billionaire Clive Palmer could gain the Queensland seat of Fairfax.

At this stage, the Coalition has 78 seats in the bag to Labor's 52.


8pm AEST/6pm WST

Even high profile Labor ministers are tipping a Coalition win tonight despite just two hours of counting on the east coast. Voting has just closed in WA with counting there now underway.

There has been a national swing of 3.3% against Labor. Right now that means the Coalition's ahead in 73 seats while the ALP can only count 43 so far. 

It looks like Kevin Rudd will hold onto his Brisbane-based seat of Griffith after a bit of a close call earlier tonight. He's just arrived at Labor's election night function at the Gabba.

A quick look at some other seats:

Labor's lost the Western Sydney seat of Lindsay and is in big trouble in a bag of seats in Melbourne's outer suburbs. Controversial independents Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson will be booted out of their regional seats. But the ALP has held on in the Queensland seat of Lilley and could even keep the Western Sydney seat of Greenway.

The Greens have pulled ahead in the seat of Melbourne so Adam Bandt's back in the box seat there.


7pm AEST/5pm WST

The polls have been closed for an hour now and early counting shows a big swing is on against Labor. With just a few thousand votes counted so far it looks like the Coalition is ahead on 58 seats to Labor's 36. The government is in danger of losing up to 12 seats in Sydney's West and around four to six seats in Queensland.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in danger of losing his own Brisbane-based seat of Griffith. It's on a knife edge and too close to call. The Greens' Adam Bandt's survival could come down to a handful of votes with predictions he may lose the seat of Melbourne.

Most of the exit polls conducted today have predicted a big win for Tony Abbott's Coalition. He could storm into power with 97 seats while Labor could be reduced to just 51 seats in the Lower House. With Western Australians still voting the decision could be just an hour or so away.

But all in all- it's shaping up to be a bad night for Labor and a very good night for the Coalition.


6pm AEST/4pm WST

The polls have closed in the eastern states, and soon in South Australia and the Northern Territory with counting now about to get underway. There have been huge queues across the country as millions of Australians got out early in the day to cast their votes at churches, schools, community and town halls and libraries.

Exit polls conducted today predict a landslide victory for the Coalition. Some media outlets predict Labor could lose up to 21 seats; cutting the number of Labor MPs to 51. Tony Abbott's Coalition would storm into power with 97 seats on these figures.

Today, the Opposition Leader had to be whisked away by his security after a heated exchange with protestors in Sydney. While Kevin Rudd was caught out in his home electorate of Griffith when the media was refused entry to film the PM casting his vote.

Now because of the time difference, West Aussies still have a couple of hours to cast their votes. But counting has now started in the eastern states, and soon in SA and the NT.

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