Katy Perry "replaces" Rihanna with a new BFF

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Once BFFs, Katy Perry and Rihanna are no longer close - and Perry has reportedly replaced her former pal with a new friend.

Disapproving of Rihanna's rekindled romance with Chris Brown, Perry did not sit with her old friend at the Grammys recently, instead opting to hang out with Girls star Alison Williams at an after party.

An insider told Heat magazine, “It’s almost as if Katy was showing Rihanna that she’s been replaced, as they usually spent time catching up at these events. Instead, she chose to hang out with Allison. 

Perry has called Rihanna and Brown's relationship "toxic", saying that the pair brings out "the worst" in one another.

The source continued, “Rihanna’s attitude is that she’s tired of everyone having an opinion on her life – including Katy… Rihanna doesn’t think that Katy should be judging her relationship with Chris when she’s involved with John [Mayer], who is a well-known player.” 

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