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If you’re over the age of 16 you could be forgiven for not having yet gotten swept up in the hysteria that is 5 Seconds Of Summer, but with the band today announcing the first ever stadium tour in Australia you better get prepared to know the names Luke, Ashton, Calum and Mikey.

Now I can totally hear you rolling your eyes right now…right? Another bloody boy band and I confess I once felt the same. But on further inspection, 5SOS as they’re affectionately known by their fans, are more like the Blink 182 to your Backstreet Boys than your next cookie cutter One Direction-esque boy band. 

In fact, to those who’ve dubbed 5SOS as Australia’s answer to One Direction must have been asking the wrong question in the first place.

Now I know you’re probably still not convinced, so for everyone who’s thought to themselves;

a. Kids these days have no idea what good music is...
b. These crap boy bands can’t even write their own music...
c. Justin Bieber is a wanker... 

Well then 5SOS might be the salvation you needed to restore your faith in today’s youth. Or maybe not haha but at least have a read and see if you can be convinced that these Aussie kids are at least worth the benefit of the doubt.


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As mentioned, they’re Aussie.

And we should support our homegrown talent. They formed in 2011 and gained popularity via YouTube, quickly building a very loyal fan base. Their EP reached number 3 position in the iTunes charts in Australia and now today they’ve played to a packed Wembley Stadium in London, toured the world with One Direction sold out their Australian tour and gone on to release their first album, which debuted at number 1 on the Aria Charts. Not bad for a little self-made Aussie band.

5 Seconds of Summer pos for a family portrait

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They write their own songs.

The same cannot be said about a lot of musicians riding the charts today. In fact apart from one song on their recently released album which was written by none other than once-upon-a-time pop-punk rockers themselves The Madden Brothers every song was written by the boys. Now don’t expect ground-breaking lyricism


They’re reviving a pop-punk style of rock that I thought had died with our youth.

Think Blink-182, think Good Charlotte, think Sum 41. These new kids on the block certainly speak to a poppier audience, but at their hearts they want to rock out and that’s fine with me. Their album is full of hook-laden tracks you can sing along to from the slow and feels inspiring ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Beside You’ to the edgier and more risqué tracks ‘Good Girls’ and ‘18’ which (and excuse me for drawing these controversial parallels) only serve to remind me of Blink-182’s ‘Adam’s Song’ to ‘What’s My Age Again’ 

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They play their own instruments.

They jump around with their guitars and bang on their drum kits with a ferocity that comes off charmingly genuine. Not to mention they have the ‘rock band’ attire down pat, and have managed thus far to not look like a clichéd, parody of a rock band. (Although you’ve got to wonder when they don their Ramones tshirts and Nirvana tshirts, just how well they know the music of the bands that inspired their get ups….we’ll reserve judgement on that one for now)

5SOS on stage
5SOS on stage

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They rock out on stage.

Seriously, they had the 13 year old girls eating out of the palm of their hand on their recent ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ tour, which I can’t imagine was difficult for them – but the tracks took me back to my own angst filled teen years where my parents Just. Did. Not. Understand. Me.

5 Seconds of SUmmer on stage at Sydney

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Don’t compare them to One Direction

They’re four kids from Sydney, Australia who like rocking out on stage. And they can’t stress enough that while they’ve toured with the global dominating boy-band, there are no other parallels between the two groups other than playing music and being boys. 

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So in conclusion, before you write them off as just another boy-band, close your eyes if you will and take yourself back to the late 90s and early 00s when you were listening to The Offspring, Greenday, Silverchair and The Living End and see how nicely these guys would fit in on that burned mix CD. Don't judge them on their tween fan-base....you were young and angsty once too!





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