Nothing says 'BFFs' like rap inspired needlepoint

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Because nothing says BFFs for life lyf, like needlepoint. And there’s no badder needlepoint theme than rap inspired needlepoint.

Taylor Swift has gifted Ed Sheeran with her craftiwork just in the nick of time as we were at risk of forgetting a.) Just how adorably dorky TSwizzle actually is and b.) How her and Ed have the most adorably dorky bestie relationship.

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Once upon a time we were so limited in the ways in which we could adequately express our affection for our BFF, the other half of your heart necklace usually being the token of choice…but times have changed and Tay Tay shows us that we too can break the mold. Rap themed arts and crafts are the way of the future.

heart shaped best friend necklace

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Having begun the trend with some Kanye inspired homemade jam…

Taylor Swift

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Swifty has stitched the oft-quoted Drake lyric “Started from the bottom now we here” along with stick figures undoubtedly intended to represent herself and Ed climbing stairs above another quote, this time Ed’s saying “The struggle is real”

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Taylor Swift

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Interestingly, the stick figures are positioned roughly in the middle of the staircase…hopefully it means we can still expect a lot more cat loving, craft making, music making awesomeness from..Sweeran…Ted...Sweeran…Shifty…has anyone come up with a merged name for these two yet or what?!

We caught a glimpse of the masterpiece thanks to MTVs recent doco “9 Days And Nights of Ed Sheeran” (coming soon to Australia according to Ed Sheeran’s Twitter) and after airing, Taylor took to Twitter to express her surprise that she sits alone in her world of needlepoint (apart from perhaps some elderly ladies) 

Lucky Ed was there to clear the air.


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Could it be?!


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