All the Surprises From Ariana Grande’s Sweetener Tour

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Please come to Australia soon Ari!

Ariana Grande, aka the current princess of pop, kicked off her Sweetener World Tour yesterday, and there’s a LOT to unpack.

The tour promotes both of her albums Sweetener and thank u, next, and marks Ariana’s emotional return to the stage after Mac Miller’s death and the Manchester bombing - where 22 people died at her Dangerous Woman concert in 2017.

Between the set list, costumes, visuals and other bonuses, Ariana fans are ecstatic with everything she delivered on opening night.

Ariana started the show with a tribute to Mac Miller, playing his song Dang right before she sang her opening song raindrops, which includes the lyrics “the day you left me, an angel cried”.


Now, we all know that Ariana Grande has a ton of hits, and on the opening night of the Sweetener she performed 30 SONGS.


She performed two songs from her debut album (hi Right There and You’ll Never Know), four songs from My Everything (not surprising anyone, she doesn’t sing Bang Bang), and four songs from Dangerous Woman (including everyone’s favourite, Into You).

Ariana performed 10 songs from her Sweetener album, leaving out Blazed, Borderline, Better Off, Get Well Soon, and - get ready for it - Pete Davidson.

Are you really surprised about that one?

In a pre-concert Q&A, she told fans that she didn’t put Get Well Soon on the setlist because it’s made for smaller venues, and she fell asleep while rehearsing it.

From thank u, next, Ariana left out Imagine and Ghostin’, two songs fans have predicted to be about Mac Miller.

During sound check, she apparently told fans that those songs were “too heavy” to perform on tour.

Not surprising anyone, Ariana’s tour visuals and staging were both beautiful and magical.

For 7 Rings, she brought out a pink car and wrote the name of the city she was performing in, and when she performed God Is A Woman, she recreated Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper like she did at the VMA’s.

If you look carefully, two Pixar characters made a cameo in the background while she belted out her song Goodnight n Go.

Ariana’s tour outfits also did not fail to impress!

Dressed in pink, orange, red and black, she looked INCREDIBLE!

Ari had heaps of different shirts on sale as part of her tour merch too which look amazing, but there’s one shirt which fans are questioning because of its *interesting* prints…

As a surprise to fans, she also had a stand set up where you could register to vote!

After opening night, we cannot WAIT until Ari announces that she is bringing her tour to Australia.

Please don’t make us wait any longer!

Written By Lachlan Guertin

All hail the queen of Disney

Get excited!

And she has a good reason why not!