Wippa and Producer Millie go ghost hunting

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Fitzy & Wippa found out Producer Millie is VERY afraid of ghosts.. so naturally the boys decided to stitch her up.


Wippa took Millie on a ghost hunt through a haunted building in Manly where three ghosts often frequent. But what Millie didn't know if a fourth extra special guest had made an appearence for the night. Her reaction is priceless!


Poor Millie, but about time she was the victim of a classic stitch-up! 

Written By Megan Aney
greg burns stitch up

It was a baptism of fire for our poor new mornings announcer Greg Burns first thing Monday morning - Fitzy and Wippa stitched him up and made him believe he was OFF AIR.

Looks like Fitzy & Wippa has revealed their 'true colours'.