Selena Gomez exclusively reveals why she is quitting social media

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She is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, but at the end of the day Selena Gomez is still a 21-year-old woman who isn’t immune from the pressures of social media and online trolls. 

Opening up to Smallzy in her first ever sit down interview with an Australian radio station, Selena Gomez was refreshingly honest when it came to admitting that just like all people her age, she still falls victim to the confronting reality of online trolls. 

“You can’t avoid it…”

But it’s a double edged sword for the young Hollywood starlet.

“I love what I’m able to do with social media, connecting… and I’m all for it because I’m in it, but i become so obsessed about it a little bit that it, it steals the joy away from what actually it should be.”

Selena also touched on her evolution from Disney darling to a daring actress and singer, Grammy preparations and the only person she wants to be with at the Award ceremony. 

Listen to the FULL interview below:


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