The one award Niall from One Direction won't put in his house...

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One Direction

Smallzy had the ONLY Australian interview with One Direction this week in London and Niall revealed there's one award he can't have in his house... because of it's size!

With so many awards and accolades, you'd think the boys from 1D would have enough room in their mansions to house them all?!

Not so!

Talking exclusively to Smallzy in London, Niall revealed that there is ONE award in particular that he can't have in his house... because it doesn't fit!

The surfboard-shaped Teen Choice Award is just too big and bulky and so it has ended up in his garage!


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Oh the struggles!

The boys also chatted to Smallzy about their forthcoming album 'Made In The Am' and brand spanking new single 'Perfect', revealing that Harry and Louis were involved in the writing process.

"You always write from your own experiences and that's wee the inspiraton comes from how lose that might be," Louis said.

"Perfect for sure is a love song but it's quite a spontaneous love song in that it's not one about you know, thinking through to much, behing like, ok I want to be with you for the rest of my life, it's like well you know this could be fun," added Harry.

HMMMMM we wonder who the song could be about then?!?!

Harry also gave us some solid advice about interpreting music saying "Things can be taken in different ways. People take songs and three different people could think it means three completely different things." SO DEEP HAZ!!!

Are you just excited as we are for 'Made In The A.M' BRING ON NOVEMBER 13th, ONLY 28 DAYS TO GO! WOOOOOOO


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