OMG! Why did Olly Murs kiss Smallzy?!

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olly murs

Well, when you lose a game… you gotta pay the price!

Smallzy caught up with all-round legend Olly Murs while in London and got a little peck on the cheek from the singer after losing a (pretty easy!) game!

To mark the release of Olly’s new single ‘Kiss Me,’ Smallzy played a little pop-culture quiz with him.

The catch?

For every question he got wrong, he had to take a step closer to Smallzy until....

smallzy and olly murs

We think after this, Olly will be paying more attention to what’s going on in the celeb world!

Want more Olly?

Well the UK singer’s fourth album ‘Never Been Better’ is being bundled into a special edition and will feature a pop swagger of ‘Kiss me’ PLUS four NEW tracks and a DVD filmed at the huge O2 Arena earlier this year.


Christmas present sorted!

Written By Alice Joyce
Liam Payne

"I shouldn’t have been on stage” 

Rita Ora

Plus, she’ll be coming back to Australia 

Taylor Swift

Haters going to hate.