Kris Jenner greeted with angry boos at the iHeart90 concert

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Kris Jenner

Talk about a rough reception, Kris Jenner has been booed while introducing the Culture Club and Boy George at the iHeart80’s Party. 

Well, this is awkward. Kris Jenner’s ego has taken a severe beating after she was booed as soon as she walked on the stage. The crowd made it pretty obvious that they did not want her there. 

The 60-year old reality TV star made a surprise appearance at the event to introduce one of the acts, Boy George, but as soon as the momager walked out on stage she was greeted with a disapproving crowds and booing. 

The matriarch of the Kardaashian klan did her best to ignore the negative reaction but the yelling got so intense that the DJ was forced to yell at the crowd in order to get them to calm down.

She stayed strong but we bet she was full of tears on the inside...

Kris Jenner

Check out the super uncomfortable moment…

At least we know someone still loves Kris… 

Kris Jenner

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Written By Gemma Prendergast
Taylor Swift

Haters going to hate. 

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