Justin Bieber reveals the most BIZARRE Bieber merch he has ever seen...

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Justin Bieber sat down with Smallzy and revealed the craziest 'unofficial' merch he has ever seen... and where you can find it!

The Biebs has one message to those people trying to sell 'unofficial' merchandise of him...


See why below:


“We’ve been grinding”

That’s straight from Justin Bieber himself, when Smallzy asked him about his collaboration with Skrillex on his upcoming, highly anticipated album. 

We can expect to hear “8 or 9 tracks” of the duo and ALSO revealed how this album will have some Aussie ties?!!!

Get the lo-down here:

Next up Justin talks to Smallzy about THAT Snapchat video.

"I just want to be as normal as i possibly can... and i'm fighting it..."

Finally, the Biebs lets Smallzy in on who the hell 'Rick the Sizzler' is!


Written By Alice Joyce

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