How Fitzy pulled off the ultimate stitch-up on Wippa

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Welcome to the jungle, #CelebWippa. 

Fitzy & Wippa are known for pulling stitch-ups on celebrities but on Monday night Fitzy turned the tables turned on Wippa. And it wasn't pretty.

The guys had entered the South African jungle over the weekend, and gotten straight into wrecking havoc in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Here! camp. As you do when you enter a jungle camp filled with celebrities, obviously. Obviously.

With the help of a team of make-up artists, Fitzy and Wippa had posed as rangers to stitch-up Paul “The Chief” Harragon in his Tucker Trial. 


But the real joke came when Fitzy entered the Tok Tokkie to tell cameras away from the camp: 

“Over the years, Wippa has stitched me up many a times and this is my time to shine.”

And with that, he was gone. And by gone, we mean he was outta the camp, away from the camp mate stench, and back into luxury aka somewhere with a functioning toilet. 

Sensing Fitzy was taking a while in the Tok Tokkie, Wippa walked inside and found the note Fitzy had left behind explaining he was now to be dubbed 'Celeb Wippa'. But because Fitzy doesn't come from a place of pure prankster evil and does actually have a heart, he ended it with this: 

"You're going to be fine, mate. Good luck - love, Fitzy."

And with that Wippa became (or so he thought) the newest I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! camp mate. All thanks to his 'mate' Fitzy.


“I made a fool of myself on Big Brother for three months, now it was his turn.” 

Tomorrow night, we witness Wippa competing in his first ever Tucker Trial. Knowing his intense fear of heights, Fitzy, naturally, volunteered him for a terrifying height-related challenge.

Honestly, what a mate.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
greg burns stitch up

It was a baptism of fire for our poor new mornings announcer Greg Burns first thing Monday morning - Fitzy and Wippa stitched him up and made him believe he was OFF AIR.

Looks like Fitzy & Wippa has revealed their 'true colours'.