Fitzy & Wippa's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Parody

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Fitzy & Wippa's Wine Rack Bra parody song

Ever been to a bar and emptied your wallet after just one round? Fitzy & Wippa know the feeling and have found a solution. 


This nifty piece of advanced technology is a sack that slips into your bra which you can fill with Vodka cruisers for good times all night long! The boys loved the wine rack bra so much they wrote a song about it to the tune of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. 

Those dance moves Fitzy!


(Get us a drink)

Every Friday night

I get a little bit angry

At the prices of the drinks at the bar

(Share it around)

Every Saturday night

I get a little frustrated

When it's my turn to buy another round

(Buy us a round)

Every single weekend

I’m considered the tightarse

Cause I never raise my hand for a shout

(It’s your shout)

Do you think it’s easy to borrow some money

Just to get a cab out of town

(Turn around, open your eyes)

I wish I was a personal bar

(Turn around, open your eyes)

I’m gonna buy a wine rack bra

(Its my buy)

I’ll be filling up my breasts with a duty free

vodka so come on girls gather around

(Gather round)

I will take your order

And you’ll say Slippery Nipple

And we’ll look at each other and laugh

(Free Drinks hazaaa)

You’ll be spending money

While I’m in the cubicle

Making martinis and smoking cigars

(Your boobs are a bar)

Every now and then

My boobs will go empty

So I’ll go and fill them up in the car

(Turn Around, free booze guy)

Now I’m just the king of the bar

Turn around, free booze guy

Don't thank me, my jugs are the stars

And I need to save tonight

Drinks are more expensive than ever

And you can go and call me tight

But I’ll be frugal on these kahunas

It may be wrong but I know that its right

If you agree sing along

I’m sick of picking up the tab and getting a fright

Now my boobs are pouring beer, spirits and wine

(Beer, spirits and wine)

Big night at Hugos, no more credit on your card

My melons are making cocktails at the Ivy Pool bar

The drinks are on me tonight

My skimping’s gonna start tonight

And this is gonna chane my life

Once upon a time

I was scabbing a drink

Picking up change in the car park

Now I’m that free booze dude

Pouring drinks from my wine rack bra

Once upon a time

I couldn't see my next drink

Now I’ve got my high beams on at the bar

Nothing I can say

I’m pouring drinks from my wine rack bra

In case you missed it Fitzy & Wippa's last parody was about Wippa stuffing his face (again) to the tune of "I Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd. Check it out.

Written By Megan Aney