Fitzy & Wippa's holiday album

Fitzy's family holiday

The only thing Fitzy & Wippa love more than a selfie is a holiday snap! Check out what they're getting up to summer!

The boys will be back on air 11 January 2016 so mark your calendars! 

And did you get their postcard from their dorky holiday together? 

Written By Megan Aney
fitzy and wippa are recreating a invention for shark tank

Fitzy & Wippa have an idea for an invention and want to take it to the mainstage... Shark Tank. 

Bin Lee

You didn't know you wanted to listen to a comedy skit featuring Yenda and Lionel Lee from Bing Lee until now....

So without further ado here is episode 1- 10 of Modern Fam Bing Lee an introduction to the Lee family.

Things are heating up in the Fitzy & Wippa kitchen!

WIN: Reserve your seat at Fitzy & Wippa's Ultimate Dinner Party