Fitzy & Wippa's "Growing Up" Parody

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Fitzy & Wippa's "Growing Up" Parody

What's your favourite memory growing up in Australia?

Fitzy & Wippa have created a parody about the best parts of their childhood to the tune of Macklemore's hit song 'Growing Up'. Spot your memories. 



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Far out Brussell Sprout

And Milo sprinkled on your ice cream

Going to bed with Fatcat at night

And at school, its time for silent reading

Get the show bag guide and make your list

Kuta Lines cause thought you were rad

Harold Gribble and Round the Twist

And school holidays you work with your Dad

Every Saturday you wake up to Rage

You buy chips just get Tazos

20 cent piece on the railway tracks

Here comes the train lets all cheer it home (Yeeeewwww)

Delivering papers on your BMX

In the end get ya Dad to do the rest

Rubbing Vicks at night onto your chest

Four square every recess

Sunny Boys and Raz

2 stripes claim its Adidas

Zooper Doopers and packets of Fags

And Elle Mcpherson well she was just hot as

Behind the news and Cheese TV

Using meat to catch yabbies in the creek

Morning Fresh to help you slip and sliding

Guess who, game of life, uno and Yhatzee

Nipple Cripple, spitballs and wedgies

Camel Bights, ear flicks and sack wacks,

Wet willies, chinese burns and crowpecks

And that fear you are gonna get dacked

Rock Eisteddford can you sing out loud

Molly Meldrum and its time for Countdown

Backyard cricket, six and out

And Mum gave you 2 bucks for your Dollarmite account

You’d leave your house in the morning with your mates

Ride your Hotfoot BMX all day

Arrive home when the suns fades away

Oh look! Mum’s cooked a tuna mornay

This is Australia, where we’re from

From whipper snippers until we’re groms

These are the things that SHAPED US its who we are

To mould the people that we’ve become

This is where we grew up, up, up, up

This is where we grew up, up, up, up

This is where we grew up

I recommend that you read Possum Magic

Grab two mates either end so you can play elastics

Learn to drive manual, don't go automatic

And watch Ship to Shore to feel a little nostalgic

Hanging at the mall with your homies

Saving heaps of cash to buy Frogskin Oakleys

Footy cards not spokey dokeys

Devon, Strassburg, Fritz or Polony

Boob tubes, bubblegummers, rara skirts

Rippled shoes, cordurouy and Okinui shorts

Stopping in at Maccas after playing sport

And dreaming of Sea World Nara Resort

Backseat on the bus and youre playing corners

Photo with family when you drive across a border

Mainies in your car with your home made spoiler

Milo Kerrigan, Jaime and Poita

We experiment and try not to get into trouble

But we are all Aussies and this is how we blossom

Apprehension is natural and in the end the moral

Especially when its your turn to spin the bottle

This is our nation, where we are from

From whipper snippers until we’re groms

We make mistakes but its how we learn from them

To make the people that we’ve become

This is where we grew up, up, up, up

This is where we grew up, up, up, up

This is where we grew up




Written By Megan Aney

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