Find The Cash ! Band Aid 30 Parody

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Over the Christmas break Fitzy left an envelope with the proceeds from the sale of his wife's car on the roof of his car...and then drove away.

What happened next was a desperate hunt for $7000 in cash... So to raise awareness Fitzy brought together his mates Guy, Lupe & Wippa to create Band Aid 4. 


The first single from Fitzy & Wippa featuring Guy & Lupe.

Written By Megan Aney

The world’s biggest band closes Nova's Red Room for 2016

Pentatonix and Smallzy

Pentatonix's cover of ‘Ride’ will be the best thing you hear all day.   

In town to promote the release of his brand new album At Night, Alone, Mike Posner hit the stage in Nova's Red Room to test out his new material on an Aussie audience.. and we loved it.