Which lucky Bachelor scored the FIRST kiss with Sam?

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There’s no doubt Sasha is a real frontrunner for Sam’s heart, after a successful one-on-one date and getting the FIRST kiss at the cocktail party...Game ON!

Sasha Sash Sasha! He really is the one to watch on The Bachelorette!

With his boy-ish good looks and bulging muscles, we’re not surprised Sam has taken a liking to him, but now all the other Bachelors really need to step up because Sasha just got the first kiss from Sam and she ain't throwing those kisses to nobody!

Although we’re going to honest, we sorrrrrrt of wasn’t sure he was going to get there!

Nabbing the one-on-one date in tonight’s episode, all things were pointing to a kiss, but things started off a little awkward. 

For one, Sam kept saying how she can’t look at him.

the bachelorette

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“Oh god you make me so nervous!!.”

If she couldn’t look at him at the start, she sure had no problem when he stripped off during their dance lesson!

(We couldn't stop looking either!)

But again, Sam was getting soooo awkward around him.

the bachelorette

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Even when they had some one-on-one time after stepping off the dance floor, things seemed to be going well but when Sam gave Sasha his rose they did this weird look at eachother and then Sam only kissed him on the cheek.


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So, it came down to the cocktail party and Sasha was going to make his move and make it good.

“To be honest, you left me wanting more… and i really want to kiss you”

To which Sam, said “You should”


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And then they kiss again when Sam grabs him and then reveals that she really wanted to kiss him on the tango date. 


Sasha’s face says it all!


So NOW we can see that Sam’s nerves just came down to her having feelings for Sasha.. and just like that, he really IS the one to watch!

At the rose ceremony Sam eliminated Drew as she was worried “he was too emotionally invested.”


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Written By Alice Joyce