Jimmy & Nath Podcast - February 7th 2016

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Welcome, Flying Dildo Slaps Politician, Ask Jimmy & Nath Anything, Gossip Guys, What's Your Job Title, Nath Knows Boy Bands, Balloons & Blow Up Animals In Bed, DJ Khaled Update, Magic We Missed, and The Goodbye Song

Written By Alice Joyce

Where Did Your Dad Fall Asleep, Wiggle Celebrity Encounter, Radio Snake, TDAT Price, Batman Movie, Chance OR Chest, Date-A-Celeb Results, Gossip Guys, Who's That Tweet, Magic We Missed, Goodbye Song.

Today's Podcast.

Hot Hot Hot, Man Tan, Guess What You're Wearing, Date-A-Celeb, Pizza or Partner, Need Male Strippers, Celebration Experts, Gossip Guys, Hemsworth AND Pratt Update, What You Said, Goodbye Song.