7 RIDICULOUS things people have bought for their pets

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When a dog is eating from a Versace bowl and you're eating two-day-old pad thai from a cardboard box, you know all is not right with the world.

We love our pets. We really do. We love their cute little puppy/cat/hamster/fish/pig faces and how they look at us with such love when we walk into the room. We buy them the treats they like best and spoil them with toys. But there is a line between pet-lover and pet-obsessed. If you have bought any of the below items then honey, that line has been crossed. 

Dog TV: 

Because what kind of dog would be happy with a ball or stick, even?

Keep your fur baby entertained with the network created exclusively for dogs. Now there’s a sentence we never thought we’d publish. Available in the US, customers can add this program to their pay TV package for about $6.50 per month. 

Sexy Beast Pet Perfume:

Described on the Paws and Co website as, “A unisex blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk combined with natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils…” a couple sprays of this delightful perfume is sure to get stinky pets feeling like their old sexy selves again. Buy this beauty online for $69.95.


Image source: PawsCo

Italian Cashmere Monogram Sweater:

Ruby Rufus have created this bespoke clothing option for furry companions with a taste for high-quality fibres… Order yours online now for just over $200. #Style


Image source: Ruby Rufus 

Swarovski Crystal Collars and Leads:

Diamond Dogs offer cat and dog collars and leads fitted with real-life Swarovski crystals. The 8-row tiny crystal collar (pictured) and the matching lead is priced at $705 ...if that was something you felt your life was lacking. 


Image source: Diamond Dogs

Versace Barocco Pet Bowl:

Made from 100% porcelain, this $1,128 pet bowl (Yep. You read the price correctly.) is the epitome of canine opulence, detailed with the classic Versace patterning in sophisticated black and gold. Meanwhile, our plates are from Kmart. 


Image source: Versace

Louis Vuitton Pet Carrier:

Taking us back to the good ol' days of Paris Hilton, this "totally cute" pet carrier is a real favourite of ours. And by real favouite we mean: item we would never buy.

This one will set you back a solid $3,550.


Image source: Louis Vuitton

Taj Mahal Dog House:

Now this is a kennel fit for royalty. The Taj Mahal Dog House is built from architectural foam and decorated with a stucco finish. These puppy palaces are custom built and are priced at about $52,000 (in other words, a small deposit for a human home). 


Image source: Rockstar Puppy Boutique

We know, we know. How do you go on about your day knowing the Taj Mahal Dog House exists and you can't get your hands on it?!

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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