We review Audiofly AF78's

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The in-ear market is jam packed with offerings from all over the place so it takes a lot to stand out in this market and a small Aussie headphone manufacturer from Perth, Audiofly is really one worth looking at.

We checked out their top of the range in-ear the AF78 which retails for $199.99 and uses a hybrid armature design, using a combination of both dynamic and balanced drivers in the design rather than one or the other.

The unboxing experience is lovely with these headphones you get a nice embossed brown canvas box that opens to reveal I plethora of accessories. You get a nice small metal travel tin which is big enough to house the headphones but also small enough to chuck in your bag and take up next to no space. You also get 2 adapters in the box, an audio splitter letting 2 people listen to the same source as well as a standard aeroplane adaptor, also included are 6 sets of earbuds 3 in memory foam and 3 in silicone and a handy dandy earwax removal tool, I know not the most glamorous of accessories but one that is sadly skipped over by most headphone manufacturers.

In terms of design these are some of the more pretty headphones I have reviewed with a lovely sleek design and a nice braded cable. The rear section is a lot bigger on these headphones to help make room for the dual drivers but I found that it actually helped keep them in my ears better.

Now as we mentioned before this design features dual drivers and Audiofly claim this is to increase sound quality and well they are 100% right. The sound these earbuds produce is nothing short of fantastic. It would be described as a close to a completely balanced sound with strong bass response and there is no lacking in the mid or high range either. My only gripe would be there is a little bit of cable noise with the braded cable but not a deal breaker.

Overall this is a great pair of headphones and for anyone who is looking for an audiophile sounding pair of in-ears these are a great option, not only that they are an Aussie company so that is a major plus. Would I recommend them damn straight I would.

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