Plantronics RIG500E review

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Plantronics has created the ultimate gaming headset for those who love gaming, amazing sound quality and LEGO. So really just everyone!

Let’s not beat around the bush these headphones have been designed for competitive gaming. From the one day will be a pro’s all the way up to the top most level.

I have used a lot of headphones in my time but this set is in a league of its own and it isn’t just because they have amazing sound quality no matter what it is you choose to use them for, but because of the customisation options that they afford.

The RIG 500 series comes in 3 main levels the base 500 model which comes with isolating ear cups and a removable top band. Going up to the next rung is the RIG 500HD which offers the same as the 500 but this time with 24-bit Dolby 7.1 Surround sound via a specific cable. Then the top of the range is the RIG 500E which comes with everything except the kitchen sink. You get the same isolating ear cups from the other two but this time you also get a set of vented ear cups which we found were amazing for long stints of gaming. They let in a bit more ambient noise but they are significantly lighter for those all-nighters.

With those vented ear cups on board the whole headset comes in at a paltry 200grams, but at no point do they feel cheap or flimsy and even though they are designed to come apart they never for a second felt like they would unless I wanted them to. There is a nice noise cancelling mic which mutes when folded up and can be removed all together if you want to wear these out and about. The only thing that I think is missing is an inline mic with the 3.5m connector which would have been nice and really made them a versatile set.

So what about performance, as I mentioned before the sound quality of these cans is top notch. The isolating ear cups definitely keep the outside out and give you a louder fuller sound when both gaming and listening to music. But the vented cups offer a higher level of comfort and we found ourselves swapping from the isolating cups to the vented ones for intense gaming sessions where ambient noise isn’t such an issue. They both have solid bass response and crisp mid and high tones so no matter what your music preference it is going to sound full and rounded with anything from Bach to Snoop Dogg.

So all in all should you buy these cans? The answer is yes, even if you are not a competitive gamer and just a noob cracking open your first game these are a perfect set for you to use. If you are a competitive gamer or looking to crack the big time one day I would recommend going for the RIG 500E model just for the options and the added vented cups (these retail for $199.95AUD). If you are more the casual gamer and music lover and don’t need to added customisation then I would go for the RIG 500HD model which still gives you the 24-bit processing and 7.1 Dolby Surround sound (these retail for $129.95)

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