The Omega of gaming chairs has just landed in Australia

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What do you think of when I say the words complete comfort?

Feather doonas? Soft swallow you up sofas? Freshly washed sheets? Let me add another to your list, the Secretlab Omega. Excuse me I hear you ask, well let me tell you.

I spend way way way too much time sitting down every day and to be honest you never really think about comfort when you think of computer chairs, really office chairs tend to be, well horrible. You always end up with one that has one weird irregularity like the gas lift goes down on its own at random times, or the back rest never stays in the same spot we have all been there. Well my friends that time is over, thanks to the Secretlab Omega chair.

Secretlab is a Singapore based company who is breaking into the Australian market with its Omega model, they have a number of other models available in Singapore and we can only hope that they also get released over here once they become more established. But back to the review.

I too was once one of those poor office monkeys with a chair that was pulled back from the fires of hell and my back was let just say not really enjoying the daily grind. Then the Omega came into my life and I have been living on a cloud ever since. Where do I start, firstly let’s talk design.

Secretlab make gaming chairs and when you think gaming chairs you instinctively think bright colours, and racing car looks. The Omega while still a gaming chair is something special. For review I had the stealth variant of the Omega series which is an understated all black chair with the only accents coming from the stitched logos on the back, head rest and middle of the backrest you also get some slick red stitching around the panels. The shape of the chair is also different from your standard run of the mill gaming chairs which normally hug into the body and hold you in the seat tight. The Omega still has that sort of feel but it is a bit more relaxed you can feel comfortable sitting in this chair for extended periods of time.

The arm rests are movable on 4 axis and with some screws on the bottom can be moved in or out to suit almost anyone. The covering of the chair is a PU leather and is extremely soft and with the addition of a velour headrest and lumbar pillow it all feels very luxurious.

The build quality of the chair is also very solid; it comes in quite a large box that if you need to move you will need some help with but is all in all quite easy to put together, it took me around 20 mins on my own to finish the assembly and it was made all the easier by the release of the instructional YouTube videos that Secretlab have put out. What makes this chair unique is the custom recline mechanism that shifts your centre of gravity when you recline it back.

The support rather than being perpendicular to the chair base is at an angle when it is in its upright position and when you recline the seat it rocks back so that the base is flush with the support which does 2 things. Firstly, it shifts your centre of gravity so that the weight is placed on the mechanism evenly and doesn’t cause any additional pressure to the chair and secondly it prevents you from those unsightly chair tip overs. It is amazing how secure you feel at full recline, usually I would be extremely cautious reclining a chair all the way back then putting my full weight on it and lying down, and to be honest I was with this chair the first time as well. However, once I got through that mental barrier and felt how sturdy she was I couldn’t get enough of it. The base is solid and the casters have good roll, the chair itself comes with a 2 year warranty so you know the build quality is going to be above the standard.

I really love this chair my back loves it even more, and to make it an even better proposition they have an amazing opening special on at the moment where you can pick up the Omega, normally a $629.00 chair for only $499.00 that is a saving of 21%. If I was to recommend a chair this one is it. Go and get one while this super deal is still on!

Before using this chair I was content to use whatever was closest to my desk at the time, but after experiencing proper support and class leading design I will never be going back to any old chair.  All in all an amazing chair and I would highly recommend picking one up. 


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