Nova Reviews the Razer Kraken Mobile Neon Series

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Razer is dipping their toes into the mainstream music and mobile gaming market lets see how they went.

Razer has always been known for their top of the line gaming peripherals and class leading gaming systems but they are now getting ambitious and trying their hand at the consumer mobile market with the release of the new Kraken Mobile Neon Series.

First things first the colours are AMAZING! There are 6 to choose from in total and they weren’t lying with the name when they called the series Neon, you will never get missed wearing these puppies. And to make it even better they are a really comfy fit with soft leather ear cups and soft adjustable head strap. There is a single 3.5mm audio input on the base of the left cup with a neat little locking mechanism (I always get my cable ripped out when I am walking or on the train and this stops all of that so thankyou Razer)

Now onto performance these cans have nice light 40mm drivers and they are a bit bass heavy but not so much that it gets annoying. I have used to many headsets that err on the other side and go too far to the mid and top range and leave the bass to flounder in the background, but these were not the case I got a good solid sound whether I was listening to heavy bass club tracks or light classical pieces. All in all a really nice rounded sound.

The headphones are foldable and this makes it easier to chuck them in your bag but they do not come with a case which would be a nice addition. They also ship with an iOS cable in box but an Android version is available to purchase for an additional $25. It would have been nice to have it shipped with both but I get what Razer are doing.

Although they are a nice snug fit the Kraken Mobile series does tend to suffer with sound leakage and for a headset that is designed to be worn on the go this is not such a good thing. I like to listen to my music quite loud but I was hesitant to listen at my normal volume when on the bus or train as the little old lady sitting next to me may not have appreciated the best of Dr Dre as much as I would.

All in all this is a good set of headphones for the mobile gamer and has a good rounded sound for those looking for a good music experience. These headphones are both stylish and functional and are a solid option for those looking to get a set of mid-market cans with some killer colours.

If you would like to get your hands on a pair of these great headphones (with Android cable as well) share this review on social media and include the hashtag #NOVAKRAKEN and you could be taking one home.


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