Logitech G810 a chroma master-piece

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I’d always thought of gaming keyboards like I do a Toyota Prius. I understand it has a benefit. I really do – but when it is as but ugly as this, I truly couldn’t compel myself to send my $$$ on it.

That was until the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum landed on my desk.

It may sound odd, but one of the biggest strengths of this keyboard is that for the most part it looks like a keyboard. (I get that may sound on)

It’s only when you break it down you discover its subtle strengths.

Ok – subtle may be the wrong word. For example I have spent the past 5 minutes ensuring that I am happy with the colour pattern that scrolls along the keys. (I have gone the slow colour wave, but was attracted to the light-up per button-press option.)

All of these options are customizable from the easy to use Logitech software, which is an easy download – and is used across the Logitech gaming range.

The keyboard is also heavy. Which always screams ‘build quality’. And bicep-curl.

The G810 uses the company’s own Romer-G mechanical switches. What that means is *insert techno jumble*

For the lay-user, it basically means the keys respond rapidly and precisely to your press. They are the Rolls-Royce of the key-press world.

You can also disable specific keys in the aforementioned interface, to tailor to your speedy gaming needs. (It is also an excellent prank to play on someone. Take away the T – A and D keys, and then watch them type away)

For specific typing needs, this isn’t the fastest keyboard out there. I figure it’s due to the size and weight of each key. I did a quick typing speed test and scored FAST.

The test was slightly flawed, as I didn’t benchmark it against any other keyboard – but I was happy with the score.

As well as other features, beyond the LED backlighting, the design is simple and effective.

Minimalist – one could say. There are some basic media controls on the right side. And a large volume scroll key which I have fallen in love with. I will never again be satisfied changing the volume on any device that doesn’t have a large scroll wheel. 

If I was to use design words I would say it’s ‘Structured‘ and ‘purposeful’ .. Although I conceded structured may be incorrectly applied, but it is definitely purposeful.

On the actual gaming front (probably worth a mention), I gave Fallout 4, Star Wars – Battlefront and my old favorite, COMMAND & CONQUER (Yes, I am still playing that)a  run – and it was a stand. Out.

It was precise, and comfortable – and the ability to modify the keyboard meant it was perfectly suited per-game.

Overall – if you are keen to enter the gaming keyboard world, the Logitech G810 Origion Spectrum is your answer. It’s a stunning, simple, solid and other S words keyboard that is built for gamers, and delivers. 

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