AKRacing Gaming Chair Review

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Global studies show that people on average sit for 7.7 hours a day, with some cases going up to as far as 15 hours a day and if you are anything like me the standard office chair with that one wonky wheel and the faked allure of lumbar support thanks to a curved plastic frame just doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of proper support.

When we are organising an office the last thing we probably think about is the chair we sit on, it is just a matter of grabbing the closest one and getting on with it. But once you have sunk into the luxury that is a premium office/gaming chair you will never ever go back.

I have had a the privilege of test driving one such chair from the guys at AKRacing who sent us one of their Octane Gaming Chair’s in an amazing colour scheme of black and lime green.

When you first receive the chair it comes in a somewhat substantial box (hours of fun for the kiddies with this one trust me) and although I do enjoy a bit of flat-pack relaxation this one I needed a bit of help with. To be honest I could have put it together myself but it is really quite quick if you have a friend to help especially when attaching the backrest to the seat section. All in all it was quite simple to put together and only took around 15-20 from getting everything out of the box to being able to plonk ones behind in the supple leather.

So lets talk about that, the initial sitting as it were. I have used a lot of chairs in my time and lets just say I am never going back to using a standard office chair ever again. This thing is lovely the foam is think with a medium density which provides all round good support and as it is designed around a racing car seat they sides hug you in with the adjustable arm rest being at just the right spot for prolonged use. The addition of the lumbar and head rest pillows just add to this chairs already impressive feel giving that extra lift where most chairs lack it, in that lower back area.

The build is solid, this is not a lightweight chair and you feel secure when you sit in it, the recline mechanism is smooth and even all the way back you don’t feel like you are going to topple over which is a good point. The arm rests are fully adjustable and you can also (thanks to the straps) move the lumbar support up and down to suit and it will stay where you put it even if you have to dash out for a loo break mid game. The leather is soft and the bright green inserts are just enough make it stand out. The stitching throughout is also of a high standard, all in all I could not fault the production of the piece.

There was one major downside of the chair though and if you intend to have this in an office setting as I have I warn you of this now. You will need to buy a chain or rope of some kind to tie this baby down as I guarantee you it will go missing as no sooner had I got it out of the box I had half the office coming in to take a gander and you could see in their eyes the longing and want for a chair of this calibre.

All in all this really is a great chair and the 25 people I have had to steal it back off of all agree with me, you should not overlook the importance of a goods chair in your setup and this one gets a big green tick from me.

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