Where you can score some Dyson Airwrap styler action for FREE

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Amazing hair don't care.

If you're anything like us you've been frothing over the news Dyson had released a new prod.

We thought we'd seen it all when their stick vacuums hit (see: smashed) the market. Faced with the Supersonic hairdryer with thought we'd hit the innovation ceiling.

Well folks, the Dyson Airwrap™ styler is supposed to be yet another game-changer (and welcome news to our hairdresser who bemoans out heat-afflicted ends).

And guess what?

You can try it out for free.

Visit the Dyson Experience Pop Up Store to experience the actual future; stylists are at the ready to take you through how it all works and even groom your soon-to-be-glorious locks.

Keen to know more?

This legit magical thingamajig (can you tell we're not quite up with the science?) dries hair using jets of air from six slots in the wand (known as the Coanda Effect - not related to that one Nicki Minaj song).

The result of legit six years of research and over 600 prototypes is hair that dries quickly and with minimal damage. It even boasts smarty-pants tech that checks the temperature up to 40 times a second.


Pre-booked appointments have now been completely booked out, however there are walk in sessions available. Come by and witness the magic yourself.

Where: 106 King St, Sydney

When: Wed 10th Oct to Sun 14th Oct

Image: Supplied.


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